Experienced software engineer seeking position in a Test Driven Development environment. Dedicated, hard working with strong programming background on Mac OS X and other UNIX based operating systems. Emphasis on system programming for back-end and middle-ware. Highly motivated and aggressive problem solver with emphasis on code coverage and lean software. Excellent communicator and team player.

Senior Member of Technical Staff - Nutanix, Inc.

It’s a secret…

2010 - 2014
Staff Software Engineer - Nominum, Inc.
  • Re-implemented N2 Proxy policy design using a vastly simplified ordering structure for priorities. Heavily focused on fast multi-threaded access times utilizing lock-free structures as well as quiescent points for safe memory management. All new code had 100% code coverage.
  • Created a caching DNS server for the N2 Proxy to reduce external lookup times as well as cycling through multiple responses while respecting their relative TTL. All new code had 100% code coverage.
  • Refactored Statistical Monitor data stream code to enable both SSL and AES encrypted communica- tion. This allowed a much easier and secure configuration for in-client network communication.
  • Re-wrote List and Domain name auto-completion REST service in Python using a Redis backend with 15% of original code size with 95% code coverage. Later ported to Java and PHP to showcase the adaptability of lean software with changing requirements.
  • Re-wrote User IP Tracker in C++ and Redis at 20% of original code size as well as 95% code coverage. Directly ported to Java for final N1 release utilizing the Play! Framework with REST interface.
  • Prototyped the N2 Policy and Provisioning engine using Java and both Cassandra as well as PostgreSQL (with replication) on top of Finagle. Responsible for determining initial REST call structure, data input in JSON or binary Google Protocol Buffers as well as policy, data provisioning, and database pruning.
  • LeaddeveloperforMacOSX,andmaintainerofWindowsguestagent.Responsiblefor“Phone Home” REST calls with information gathering and reverse-proxy router configuration. Extended existing reverse-proxy code to work on Windows.
  • Responsible for all Unit and Acceptance testing for all new features utilizing Python and/or Java.
  • Review all incoming applicant coding exercises, as well as all onsite practicums utilizing Java and C++. Interviewed both Development and QA engineers as well as Development Managers.
  • Created JavaScript web analytics program using PhantomJS to accurately develop an HTTP performance model for the N2 Proxy utilizing an Ixia network appliance to feed content with appropriate types and sizes with a distribution model particular to that customer’s traffic.
2007 - 2010
Software Quality Assurance Engineer - VMware, Inc.
  • Developed standard in-guest validation suite for Linux, testing both Hypervisor (Binary Translation: C/ASM, MMU: C, Backdoor: ASM), and Virtual Devices (Storage: C/Python, Networking: C/Python, CDROM: Python, Floppy: Python, Timers: C)
  • Developed pseudo-random opcode execution engine for VMware’s Randomized Testing strategy (C/ASM).
  • On loan to white-box team for VProbes in ESX 4.5. Developed automation package (Embedded Python optimized for VMware ESXi, as well as Fusion and Workstation) capable of handling hundreds of simultaneous connections for test execution, reporting, and data gathering across all product lines. Tested ESX product release involving VMkernel domain, various test infrastructures, and the emmett compiler.
  • Paravirtualization lead across product lines (Including ESX 3.5). Set new standard for black-box teams with regards to Test Plans, Coverage Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, and Performance Regression. Or- ganized execution across three product teams and one direct report. Gave feature presentation to Customer Support Organization.
  • Lead for core technology of Fault Tolerance in ESX 4. Re-wrote test plan and created new bug-finding workloads for entire matrix. Lead team of three to restore release deadline. Automation wrapper (Py- thon) reduced team to one, with full resource utilization.
2001 - 2005
Oregon State University - Corvallis, OR

Bachelor of Science: Computer Science

Software Development

Work mainly consists of Python and Groovy, with a few instances of Swift and Go. I’ve been missing C++ lately, and have been using that as an excuse to learn Rust.

Infrastructure as Code

Vagrant is great for pseudo-infrastructure testing, but why can’t the real world be more like Amazon AWS? Early adopter for Calm DSL as we had pushed Terraform beyond its limits.


Limited iOS development experience, but strong enough to win multiple company-wide hackathons. Beginning with an iPad native interface, and ending with iPhone & Watch PagerDuty clone. Turns out no one wants to manage infrastructure this way, sorry gang we were so close.


Containerized build infrastructure including both build accelerators (distcc-farm via haproxy, Electric/CloudBees Accelerator, sccache) and build system (Jenkins). Including full-stack operation of GitHub Enterprise and CircleCI 1.0.

Programming Languages
  • Python
  • Java
  • DevOps
  • C++
  • Bash Shell
  • Swift
  • Fish Shell
  • Rust
Hosted Services
  • Jenkins
  • CircleCI
  • DistCC
  • Electric Accelerator
  • TICK Stack
  • GitHub Enterprise
  • Kubernetes
  • Nutanix Stack
  • Consul
  • Too Many Databases
Database Competancy
  • PostgreSQL
  • MariaDB/MySQL
  • Redis
  • RethinkDB
  • InfluxDB
  • SQLite